Artist Statement: 

Samuel Veenstra (1997) HKU Utrecht  

It is within the liminal state of the objects surrounded by scaffolding, the boarded-up shopping windows and construction sites that Samuel Veenstra draws inspiration for his photography, sculptures and installations. Observing the ever-changing cityscape in which buildings are constantly built and broken down.

Coming from a background in photography, he considers the medium to be ephemeral, much in the likeness of the ruin - a recurring theme in his work - where the passing of time is visualized. 

In his work images are often dissembled and put together again; superimposed upon construction materials like chipboard and concrete. The works are layered with; sketches, wood filler and concrete, printed in graphic technique explicitly showing that the image is made up from individual elements. Sculptures are often architectural models for fictional buildings, rooms, staircases. Playing with the tension between the finished work of art and its small-scale proposition. He considers his work to be like a palimpsest constantly adding, chipping away, resizing and reusing the works. Showing that like the architectural imagery, his works are ever changing and evolving.



Keep flammables away - 
A/M #5 - Kunstpodium T, Tilburg - 2023


Graduation Exposition - BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

In Between Us - IMPAKT Festival - Academie Galerie, Utrecht

Eigen Domein - Lou Oudenoord, Utrecht

Sometimes a Photograph - Artides - Voormalig Gerechtsgebouw , Amsterdam


Keep An Eye Photography Stipend 2022

Blurring the Lines 2022


HKU Photography, graduated with honours 2021/2022

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